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Do You Still Wonder Why You Are Fat? – Here Are 10 Reasons Why

Do You Still Wonder Why You Are Fat?

Why are you gaining weight or regaining it after sharing your weight loss success story? Below are significant factors that contribute to your weight gain, some aren’t even your fault. They following are some of the leading causes of weight gain in people.

  1. TV

Once it is on, you find it hard to stop watching. You spend more than 4 hours watching TV. Before you know it; you discover you need a companion to watch it with, thus the invitation to popcorn, and soft drinks.

  1. Sweet reward

This is one of the leading causes of weight gain. You are very nice to your cravings for Fast Foods. Great reward for your stressful day, right? Well, what you what in private is what you wear in public. Learn to break free from sugar addiction.

  1. Too much fun, can’t give in to sleep now

You probably didn’t know this. Inadequate sleep tends to interrupt the chemicals (leptin and ghrelin) in your body that control the appetite.

  1. Soft drinks gives you such a rush

You really love the wonderful taste of soft drinks. The fact that you even know they are sweet enemies doesn’t even change your addiction status.

  1. Exercise –the last thing on your mind

With these longer hours of work and your busy weekends, where is the time for working out?

  1. Stress

Well, everybody is stressed these days. This is probably why you don’t see it as a big deal and don’t think you should try effective ways to deal with stress.

  1. Worry

You don’t know when you are full because you eat mindlessly and chum around different fretting ideas in your head.

  1. Food Availability

There seems to be food almost everywhere you go. Shopping mall, cinema, health clubs, sports arenas- they all easily offer you tasty an delicious junk foods that you can’t resist.

  1. Trust Issues-

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being greatly and generously sponsored by the likes of Cocacola, PepsiCo and Kellogg while the American Diabetes Association is proudly being sponsored by drug businesses. Can you still rely totally on what you are being told about some food products?

  1. Sickness

Diseases that are defined by a problem in or imbalance of your endocrine glands can likewise influence your weight.

If you consume food while enjoying television, checking out a publication, or searching the web—you need to stop doing all that. Consuming while sidetracked can decrease the sensations of satiety you get from foods and can as well lead to overeating also. You should focus on the spell, texture and taste, so that you more satisfied at the right time.

Something about it being too hot or being bored and lazing around just about gives you an instinct to go eat more even when you’re not hungry. Snacking practically becomes second nature to you when you have free time.

It’s not like you just had a double serving of mint chocolate chip ice cream, or that banana Nutella sandwich…

Get rid of habits that hinders you from losing weight to achieve your weight loss goals and the body of your dream.

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